Some New Training Videos

Just a quick post to let people know about new training videos available. I am making it my focus for this month to produce a lot more tutorials to answer common questions and especially to help developers get started with custom development. I still have a ways to go with the developer tutorials, but thought I would go ahead an post links to videos I've completed so far.

Installation and Configuration

Developer Series

I've begun a series of clips where I plan to implement a simple Guestbook feature as a way to cover important concepts. 

  1. Getting the code from svn trunk
  2. Introduction to the Source Code Part 1
  3. Introduction to the Source Code Part 2
  4. Creating a Custom Solution and Project
  5. Hello Web Part 1
  6. Hello Web Part 2
  7. Guestbook first steps
  8. Concepts Part 1
  9. Concepts Part 2
  10. Debugging in IIS
  11. Create a Table in the db using the setup system
  12. Create stored procedures with an upgrade script using the setup system
  13. Generating a data access class
  14. Generate the business layer
  15. First Guestbook submission achieved
  16. Form Layout 
  17. Form Layout Part 2 and data binding

Just getting started so far, lots more clips to produce to complete the Guestbook tutorial. I'm planning to cover development of business and data access classes and how to add supporting pages to your feature as well as how to make your feature searchable. I'm working only from an outline not a script, so the videos are mostly improvised and I stumble on a few things here and there, but rather than edit them out, I think it is helpful since you may also stumble a little bit, so learning to work through the stumbles is part of the process.

Each clip will be less than 10 minutes in order to fit them on YouTube, but they are in high definition so the video quality should be pretty decent.

UPDATE 2010-03-08 -added items 8 - 17 to the list above.


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