Forums Documentation

mojoPortal is one of the few Open Source Content Management Systems that has a built-in Forum.


The mojoPortal Forum Module has the following features:

  • Multiple forums per module instance.
  • SPAM blocking for untrusted posters.
  • RSS Feeds at module, forum and thread levels.
  • Subscriptions on forum and thread levels.
  • Post body included in notification emails.
  • Gravatar or user-uploaded avatar in forum posts.
  • Sticky threads and posts.
  • Search (included in mojoPortal Site Search which alows filtering results to only the Forum feature).
  • Locking of post edits. This prevents a post author from editing a post after a specified period.
  • Thread Locking or Closing. This prevents a thread from being replied to or edited after a specified period.
  • List of posts by user.
  • List of subscribers to forums and threads.
  • Forum descriptions.
  • Anonymous posting.
  • Threads included in Search Engine (Google, Bing) Site Map.
  • Full WYSIWYG (CKEditor, TinyMCE) for privileged users.
  • Simplified WYSIWYG for less-privileged users.
  • Prevention of malicious script insertion using NeatHtml. All posts are wrapped in NeatHtml to prevent scripts from executing.