Sometimes developers want to make a minimal build of mojoPortal without the features or WebStore and maybe only with their own custom features. This is possible but note that you cannot pick and choose which features, it is an all or nothing thing because most features are in the mojoPortal.Features.* projects, there are not separate projects per features except for the WebStore feature which has its own set of projects.

To produce a minimal build you would need a clean copy of the code that has never been compiled, a clean checkout from our source code repository for example. Then you would use the mojoportal-core.sln which does not include the projects for features or WebStore. There are only a few features built into the core such as the Html content feature. The reason it must be a clean copy that has never been compiled is because once you compile any of the .sln files that do include the features or webstore projects, post build events copy the files up to the main Web project so now the install scripts and files will already be in place and therefore your package would contain those features. By starting with a clean copy of the code and only compiling the mojoportal-core.sln then none of those files will be copied up to the Web project and therefore it will be possible to package it without those features.

Last Modified by Steve Mitchell on May 15, 2011