Blog Featured Image

As of mojoPortal the Blog module supports Featured Image functionality.

Setting a “featured image” makes the set image show up above or below the post , depending on the settings. This image also pulls through to the Blog Post List Module for you to use wherever you want via Razor templating, but more on that in Blog Post List Module documentation.

To set a featured image click on the “Featured Image” tab in the blog edit page, and then click the “Browse” link and pick (or upload and pick) an image from the file manager.

If you’re using the Excerpt on the Blog List View and don’t want the image to show up there, uncheck the Include Featured Image In Excerpt? checkbox.

If you want the image to show on the Blog List View, but not the Post List View, uncheck the Include image in Post List? checkbox.

Both of these should be checked by default, but if you don’t want to change those defaults go to the Blog Module Settings page and under the “General” section you’ll see the "Include Image In Excerpt Checked By Default?" and "Include Image In Post Checked By Default?" checkboxes. Check/uncheck as desired and save.

Theme.Skin Settings

All of these setting are in the BlogDisplaySettings section of the

To make the featured image show below the post set FeaturedImageAbovePost to false.

To change the way the featured image is rendered, change the FeaturedImageFormat to a HTML string with {0} where you want the image URL to show and {1} where the title text should show, for example the alt attribute. Make sure any double quotes in your markup are changed over to single qoutes link in the defaults below.

The defaults for all these settings are like this:

<blog:BlogDisplaySettings runat="server"

    FeaturedImageFormat="<figure class='blog-post__featured-image-figure'><img class='blog-post__featured-image' alt='{1}' src='{0}' /></figure>"