CDN Configuration

mojoPortal uses various JavaScript and CSS libraries and most of them utilize Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Generally speaking, a CDN is a network of servers spread out over the globe which host the same content. We can reference a file on a CDN and the user will get that file from the closest server to them and cache it. When that file is used by other websites (like jQuery, a Google Font, or some other resource) the user already has it cached so they don't have to wait for it to download.

If you can't access external networks you may need to configure mojoPortal to not use CDNs for various things. The below settings will help you configure mojoPortal to use locally stored files.

AJAX Control Toolkit

The AJAX Control Toolkit is used throughout mojoPortal for various things. To tell mojoPortal to use locally hosted files, and not the ASPNETCDN, add this to your user.config file.

<add key="BundlesUseCdn" value="false" />