There are different schools of thought among SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gurus about how to best optimize page titles. Note that we are not talking about page names or URLs but specifically about what goes into the <title></title> element of a page.

Many sites use a Site Title - Page Name format and historically this is what we did in mojoPortal. Of course in mojoPortal the titles for pages in the menu aka content system pages can be controlled completely by entering whatever you like in the Page Title Override setting for the page. If you leave it blank, mojoPortal will by default still use the Site Title - Page Name format. But as of mojoPortal, you can also configure the default differently using this setting in Web.config (or ideally you would add this to user.config so you won't lose the setting during upgrades):

<add key="PageTitleFormatName" value="SitePlusTitle" />

valid options are TitleOnly, SitePlusTitle, or TitlePlusSite

so that you can have the title only reflect the page name or Sitename - PageName, or PageName - SiteName

Note that the dash in the format is also configurable if you would rather use some other separator:

<add key="PageTitleSeparatorString" value=" - " />

Some SEO gurus argue that the site title should not be included in the page name at all so you could use TitleOnly option. In other cases the title of your site may also be an important brand and including it in page titles may be desireable. for example does include the site name in all page titles. If you have a recognizable brand or are trying to build one you may rather have the site title included as I do on this site and Amazon has on their site. By these configuration options it is up to you to decide how you would like your page titles formatted.

Last Modified by Elijah Fowler on Jul 12, 2022