I'm getting Web.config conflicts when running another .NET app with mojoPortal

This is a common issue when trying to run more than one .NET application where one of them is a root level web site and the other is running in a virtual directory below the root. The solution is to wrap the system.web section and the system.webServer section of the parent application in a location element as described in this blog post and also here http://www.west-wind.com/Weblog/posts/133041.aspx

I'm getting the error: "The HTTP verb POST used to access path '/' is not allowed."

This can happen when using a custom feature that does post-back on the home page, but it is only an issue in the Visual Studio web server, it does not happen in production environments running IIS Web Server. You may be able to work around this issue to prevent it from happening in a custom content feature in the Visual Studio Web server by explicitly setting the form action like this:

	SiteUtils.SetFormAction(Page, SiteUtils.GetCurrentPageUrl());
catch (MissingMethodException)
	//this method was introduced in .NET 3.5 SP1

You can also just ignore this problem and realize that it will not happen on production, in testing you can use the full home page URL like /home.aspx instead of the default root URL /.

Last Modified by Elijah Fowler on Nov 28, 2017