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mojoPortal Released 

mojoPortal is now available on our download page. This is a minor maintenance release.

What's New?

  • Upgrade to AjaxControlToolkit v16.1
  • Upgrade to newer, more user friendly recaptcha - Thanks Joe Davis of i7MEDIA
  • Update to the new preferred endpoint for Authorize.NET
  • various minor bug fixes

new user friendly recaptcha

Note that there are corresponding updates to our add on products that also use AjaxControlToolkit because they need to use the same version as mojoPortal, so whenever you upgrade to a newer version of mojoPortal you should also download and install the latest version of any add on products that you have purchased. Just login to this site with the account you used to purchase, click the "My Account" link at the top of the page and download the latest version from your purchase history.

New Hosting Partner

This site has migrated to a new VPS generously provided by PeoplesHost. They also provide the mojoPortal project with a generous affiliate program so if you click one of our ads before purchasing hosting and you keep it for at least 60 days, we get a nice commission. I have also tested their shared hosting myself and found it to be quite good, so if you are in need of new hosting give them a try.

mojoportal hosting by peopleshost

New Open Source Projects in the Works

As you may know, I am no longer actively developing mojoPortal. After 12 years, the ASP.NET WebForms technology that mojoPortal is built on is going out of style in favor of better, more modern frameworks, and there has been a corresponding decline in the popularity of mojoPortal so that it is no longer possible for me to build a successful business around it. mojoPortal is still a very feature rich product and many people do still use it, but it is not a platform for the next 15 years of the web. I am still maintaining it for any security issues if such issues come up, and there will be occasional minor updates such as this one, so if you are using it and it meets your needs there is no need to abandon it or rebuild existing sites. It is very user friendly and people may even find it useful for new projects in the near term. But for the long term, I am focusing my efforts on new things.

ASP.NET Core and .NET Core

I'm very excited about the brand new frameworks from Microsoft that are currently in preview but will reach a 1.0 release later this year. These new frameworks support modern patterns that have been evolving in the industry over many years, they are fast, lightweight, and cross platform. Yes, cross platform, as in officially supported by  Microsoft on windows, linux, and osx! Those of you who have been around the mojoPortal community may remember that cross platform was an important goal for mojoPortal for a long time, but this goal was hinged upon the use of Mono, but  Mono never really proved to be a reliable platform for mojoPortal at least for production and it took a lot of work trying to work around things that were either buggy or not implemented in Mono, so after many years of trying I gave up on it. Fast forward to today, and the founder of Mono is now working at Microsoft, and Mono has evolved as a very useful platform for mobile devices, but with the new .NET Core framework, we no longer need it as a web platform.

It feels to me like we are in the beginning of a renaissance and I am ecstatic about the direction and openness of the new Microsoft. I've been working very hard learning the new frameworks, letting go of old familiar patterns and embracing new modern ones. I have a number of new open source projects I'm working on that I hope you will take a look at and keep an eye on, though they are all in the early stages right now.

If you would like to be kept in the loop on these projects, at some point we will have a newsletter, so please send an email to These days all the cool projects also have a gitter chat room, if you want to ask informal questions about my cloudscribe projects or just be social, stop by and say hello.

chat me up

Since I do need to make a living, I'm also working on a set of commercial, closed source projects that I plan to make compatible with my cloudscribe open source projects, but I'm planning to build them in a way to be easy to integrate with almost any web application built on ASP.NET Core. The modular nature of the new frameworks makes that vision possible. I'm closely watching the progress also of Orchard2 as something I would like my products to be compatible with and something that I may use for larger projects with advanced requirements. 

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mojoPortal Released 

mojoPortal is now available on our download page.

What's New?

  • Upgraded to the new more stable version of Ajax Control Toolkit version 15.1 which is now maintained by DevExpress.
  • CKEditor upgraded to version 4.4.7 from 4.4.6
  • TinyMCE upgraded to 4.1.9 from 4.1.7
  • added basic flat rate shipping price to products in WebStore - by Joe Davis of i7MEDIA
  • added config settings to control whether non download webstore orders require authentication
  • added option to FlexMenu to control rendering of href when page is not clickable
  • fixed bug incorrect redirecturl if using ConfirmRegistration.aspx
  • fixed bug in poll - incorrect handling of utc vs local time for isactive
  • fixed bug where ssl redirects were not correctly detecting proxy server settings
  • fixed a bug that prevented shared files uploads when using an ssl proxy server
  • fixed bug in list/link folder sites with relative file urls
  • fixed bug in FlexMenu when using the ChildNodesPerUl option and a page is hit which shouldn't be in the menu, it's still counted
  • fixed bug custom profile dropdowns did not support required
  • fixed bug in webstore where shipping panel was not shown on confirm order page when cart had shipped items
  • fixed unlocalized string on register page

Note that there are corresponding compatibility updates for each of our add on products. Existing customers can get the updated versions of our add on products by logging in to this site as the user with the purchase history, click the "My Account" link at the top of the page and then click "Order History".

As with all releases of mojoPortal, when upgrading you should make sure you use the new Web.config file and restore any customizations such as the machine key from your old one. This is especially important for this release because there are quite a few changes and additions in Web.config and some of them are subtle such as control declarations for ajaxcontroltoolkit which changed only by case of a few letters.

UPDATE 2015-05-08 This new version of AjaxControlToolkit seems to be broken in medium trust web hosting, I have reported the problem here. Anyone hosted in Medium Trust should not upgrade to this version of mojoPortal until this is resolved.

UPDATE 2015-05-11 We were able to implement a workaround to get past the medium trust error. We have now uploaded a new package on our codeplex page named which is pre-configured to work in medium trust hosting. There were some changes in code to support this configuration so mojoPortal.Web.dll was modified, Web.config was modified, and AjaxControlToolkit.StaticResources.dll had to be deleted from the bin folder to complete the workaround.

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mojoPortal Released 

mojoPortal is now available on our download page.

A few weeks ago we released mojoPortal in which we had changed to using NuGet package manager for some of our dependencies and updated to the latest version of AjaxControlToolkit via NuGet. Since that version of the toolkit came out over a year ago, in September 2013 we thought it should be stable, but as it turned out there are numerous major problems with that version of AjaxControlToolkit and we began to get reports of those problems from our community members who upgraded to the new release of mojoPortal.

As a result we were forced to go back to the previous version of the AjaxControlToolit that we were using which is the January 2013 release, which we know to be more stable.

Since our add on products Event Calendar Pro, Form Wizard Pro, and Web Invoice Pro also depend on the AjaxControlToolkit and must use the same version as mojoPortal, we also have released updates to those products to keep them in sync with mojoPortal.

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mojoPortal Released 

mojoPortal is now available on our download page.

This release is a maintenance release with minor bug fixes and updates to newer versions of some components. This release requires .NET 4.5, we no longer provide packages for 4.0 or 3.5

What's New?

  • CKEditor upgraded to version 4.4.6 from 4.4.3
  • TinyMCE upgraded to 4.1.7 from 4.1.2
  • Upgraded to latest version of Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Upgraded to latest version of log4net
  • fixed bug in NeatHtml where addthis script interferes
  • fixed bug where inline editor in html content was not using extraplugins from config file
  • fixed bug where content admins were not allowed uploads
  • changed to use universal analytics by default now that google has migrated everyone to that
  • various other minor bug fixes

Note that there are also corresponding new updates available for our add on features for compatibility with the new versions of AjaxControlToolkit and log4net.

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mojoPortal Released 

mojoPortal is now available on our download page.

In one sense this is a minor upgrade with a few improvements but this is also a significant release in that it marks a change in our target framework from .NET 4 to .NET 4.5. Since mojoPortal is now compiled against the .NET 4.5 framework, any code that depends on it must also be compiled against the newer framework, so we have also released corresponding compatibility updates for all of our add on products.

In terms of web hosting, you can host either .NET 4 or .NET 4.5 compiled code under .NET 4.5 hosting and most hosts should probably be updated to .NET 4.5 by now. .NET 4.5 is really still the .NET 4 framework with some additions, it is considered an in place upgrade of the framework, so it may not be easy to know for sure whether your hosting has been updated to .NET 4.5 or if it still is running an older .NET 4 framework.

If you do get errors about the framework version after deploying the upgrade, we have a separate download with replacement Web.config and bin folder which has a version of the dlls compiled for .NET 4. Using these files should get things working again if you are still using .NET 4.

We have a similar package of replacement files that should in theory also support  .NET 3.5 but at this point we are not officially supporting .NET 3.5 any longer and we hope very few people download that package.

Changing our target framework to .NET 4.5 allows us to start moving forward with the use of some of the great new things that the .NET team has been working on such as Web API. In fact this release has a new plugin system that allows features to plugin their own Web API Routes, and we implemented a small custom web api in our forum feature to handle moderation before sending posts to the forum subscribers as discussed below.

Forum Improvements

This release includes a new per forum setting for Roles That Can Post. We've had several requests for making read only forums and also for limiting posting by role so that only premium members could post. This is useful for example if you are selling site membership levels with Site Membership Pro.

It is now possible also to configure the forums such that notification email is not sent until a moderator approves the post for sending to the list. We really needed that on this site because we have our forums configured to include the post message in the notification email and we had several occasions where someone would register late at night and post a few spamy forum posts that got emailed to our subscribers and this in turn hurts the reputation of our email system. Note that the settings for this are per forum and you must add the moderator emails in the settings so that the moderator gets notified of the new post. The moderator will see new link buttons on the post for either sending the post to the list or marking it as sent so that it does not get sent to the list. There is also a setting to allow users that are marked as "Trusted" in the user management page to have their posts sent to the list without moderation so that you can avoid delays for posts from your active trusted community members.

There are also new settings per forum that control whether new posts get included in the google site map for the forums by default or whether new posts get a NOINDEX meta tag added by default. On this site we've found that forums can be a mixed bag in terms of SEO value, some threads may have worthy content and others may not. You can always edit a thread after the fact to set whether it is included in the google site map or whether it gets a NOINDEX meta, these new forum level settings just control the default for new posts.

This release also includes upgrades to CKEditor 4.4.3 (from 4.3.4) and TinyMCE 4.1.2 (from 4.0.21). We've also included the new moono-dark skin for CKEditor which you can enable by adding this in user.config:

<add key="CKEditor:Skin" value="moono-dark" />

ckeditor moono-dark skin

If you have a dark site skin you might like that better than the default editor skin.

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UPDATE 2014-09-10

We have been receiving some reports of problems with mojoPortal under .NET 4 hosting. At this time we do not have a solution for those problems (except to migrate the site to 4.5 hosting) so we do not recommend anyone to upgrade to mojoPortal unless you have .NET 4.5 hosting. It can be difficult to determine whether your hosting is 4.0 or 4.5 because 4.5 is really like a service pak for 4.0 that has been out for 2 years now, and if you look under Administration > System Information it will say version 4.0..... even if you are hosted under 4.5. So the best thing to do is ask your host if you have 4.5 or not, and if possible move your site to 4.5 hosting before upgrading.

The problem with our 4.0 build seems to be that even though we target 4.0 in Visual Studio when compiling it, it ends up being compiled for 4.5 because when 4.5 is installed it replaces 4.0. Visual Studio is supposed to use a reference version of 4.0 when compiling projects that target 4.0 but in practice sometimes it does not work and we think this may be the problem with our build. We do not have any machine with Visual Studio that don't also have 4.5 installed so we cannot be sure that our build is really targeting 4.0 as it should. If someone has a machine without 4.5 installed and they have Visual Studio 2013 Pro then they could compile their own build that targets 4.0, but going forward we are not confident that we can produce such builds.

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