Styling Recaptcha

Recaptcha can be used in mojoPortal to prevent spam in forums, blog comments, or other palces where unauthenticated users are allowed to post content. See the Recaptcha Website for more information about Recaptcha or to get public and private keys for use in recaptcha in your web site built on mojoPortal CMS.

You can enter the public and private keys for Recaptcha in Site Settings or it can be set in user.config as follows:

<add key="RecaptchaPrivateKey" value="6LehqMgSAAAAAJfSWNxoLZbpVRyr9D6SZdSLfFyk" />
<add key="RecaptchaPublicKey" value="6LehqMgSAAAAAK6e7cRcwQ5KfhQuvIYmswFrJkJY" />

In versions of mojoPortal older than the theme used for Recaptcha could be controlled from user.config like this:

<!-- Valid values for RecatchaTheme are red, white, blackglass, clean -->
<add key="RecaptchaTheme" value="white"/>

In mojoPortal or newer we have changed this so that you can now specify the Recaptcha theme from the file of your mojoPortal skin. This makes it easy to use different Recaptcha styles in different skins or sites whereas the older web.config/user.config setting was global to the whole mojoPortal installation.

In  you first need a control declaration at the top like this:

<%@ Register Namespace="Recaptcha" Assembly="Recaptcha" TagPrefix="Recaptcha" %>

Then further down you can add this and set it to one of the allowed values:

<%-- Valid values for Recaptcha Theme are red, white, blackglass, clean --%>
<Recaptcha:RecaptchaControl runat="server"

Created by Joe Audette on Aug 21, 2012
Last Modified by Joe Audette on Aug 21, 2012

Using Subkismet Captcha

Subkismet Captcha is also built into mojoPortal CMS and can be used as an alternative to Recaptcha but is probably not as strong so you might still get some spam comments.

You can configure a few things about Subkismet Captcha from the file. First you need to declare the control at the top of the file like this:

<%@ Register Namespace="Subkismet.Captcha" Assembly="Subkismet" TagPrefix="Subkismet" %>

then further down you add an entry to specify properties on the control like this:

<Subkismet:CaptchaControl runat="server"
InstructionText="Enter the code shown"

CaptchaLength is the number of characters, you could set this higher to posisbly make the captcha stronger. Allowed values for CaptchaFontWarping are High and Low, High should make it a bit stronger. You can also override the InstructionText.

Created by Joe Audette on Aug 21, 2012
Last Modified by Joe Audette on Aug 21, 2012