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Report Bugs

This is the place to report bugs and get support. When posting in this forum, please always provide the following details:

  • What operating system?
  • What database platform?
  • What version of mojoPortal?
  • What version of .NET?
  • Steps to produce the problem, expected results, and actual results.

Please do not report problems with a custom build or custom code in this forum. If you are producing your own build from the source code and have problems or questions, ask in the developer forum, do not report it as a bug.

2643 11258 11/8/2016 5:29:16 AM

Installation Help

Post here for help with installation of mojoPortal pre-compiled release packages. When posting in this forum, please always provide the following details:

  • What operating system?
  • What database platform?
  • What version of mojoPortal?
  • What version of .NET?

You may also want to review the installation documentation.

If you have questions about using the source code or working with mojoPortal in Visual Studio, please post in the Developer forum.

1412 7569 12/13/2016 11:10:24 AM

Questions about Site Administration

If you have questions about using mojoPortal, you can post them here.

You may want to first review our site administration documentation to see if your question is answered there.

1762 7338 12/22/2016 1:21:34 AM

Developer Forum

This forum is only for questions or discussions about working with the mojoPortal source code in Visual Studio or MonoDevelop, obtaining the source code from the repository, developing custom features, etc. If your question is not along these lines this is not the right forum. Please try to post your question in the appropriate forum.

You can monitor commits to the repository from this page or by subscribing to this feed. I also recommend developers to subscribe to email notifications in the developer forum as occasionally important things are announced.

Before posting questions here you might want to review the developer documentation.

DO NOT POST QUESTIONS ABOUT DESIGN, CSS OR SKINNING HERE, use the Help With Skins Forum for those questions.

Please note that I can't promise to answer every question, if I am able to help I will try, but I'm not The Wizard of Oz. If you ask questions like "How can I integrate mojoPortal with x?" or "How can I build y?" You can't really expect me to have some easy answer for you or have the time to research it for you. I mean its ok to post such questions and maybe someone in the community may have some experience with it, just don't have the expectation that I will personally answer questions like that. - Joe Audette

3196 12259 1/12/2017 7:14:10 AM

Help With Design and Skins

A place for discussion about skinning and design. Before posting questions here you should review the documentation about creating skins.

1248 5274 6/10/2016 4:52:23 PM

Feature Requests

This is a forum to suggest new features for mojoPortal. Every suggestion will be considered. You may also want to keep an eye on our Road Map, to find out what our current priority list is.

1053 3623 10/11/2015 2:02:03 PM

Localization Issues

This is a place to discuss how to adapt mojoPortal to the needs of different cultures. Before asking questions here please first review the localization documentation.

121 555 12/26/2016 2:42:25 AM

Success Stories/Testimonials

If you are using mojoPortal, let me know. I've put a lot of work into this project and it would be gratifying to hear from you. If you are using mojoPortal for a public site post your url here and show it off.

117 343 7/6/2015 11:42:42 PM

Linux/Mono Discussions

This forum is for any topic related to runnning mojoPortal on GNU/Linux or Mac using Mono.

Anyone who can help with testing mojoPortal 2.x on linux with Mono to find the bugs and report to the Mono team, this will help a lot. See the instructions here: for checking out the code on linux with svn and building with MonoDevelop.

94 454 7/10/2016 2:04:31 AM

Accessibility and Usability Issues

This forum is primarily for reporting issues about Web Accessibility such as difficulty using mojoPortal with a screen reader or other assistive technology.

Post any feedback here related to improving the accessibility or usability of mojoPortal. It is an important goal of the project that both the front end customer experience and the back end administration and content publishing features be accessible to as many people as possible. Ideally, if you post about problems, we will also be glad to have suggestions on how the problems can be fixed but all constructive feedback n these issues is welcome.

60 199 7/10/2016 1:56:03 AM

Job Board

This is a forum for posting about mojoPortal related jobs or conrtact work.

If you need a developer with mojoPortal experience, you can post about your needs, your location, etc, here in this forum and perhaps developers from our community will repond.

If you are a developer or designer looking for mojoPortal related work, you can also post here to let people know that you are available for mojoPortal development or design/skinning consulting.

35 58 7/10/2016 1:40:48 AM

Contributor Forum

This forum is for questions about contributing to the project or proposing features that you would like to develop for the project. I will also be proposing projects here for features that I'm hoping someone will have an interest in working on.

60 232 7/10/2016 1:44:10 AM

General Questions/Comments

This is an open forum for any mojoPortal topics that don't fall into the other categories.

1151 4589 12/13/2016 11:16:34 AM

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