Recent Content Documentation

In mojoPortal content management system version we introduced the Recent Content feature which appears in the feature list and can be added to a CMS page like any other feature. It is the most user friendly way to show recently updated content on your site.

However, we also created an RSS feed that can be used so that users could subscribe to the feed using a feed reader like google reader, or the feed could be used in conjunction with the feed manager.

The recent content feed is globally disabled by default and will redirect to the site home page. To enable it add this in user.config:

<add key="DisableRecentContentFeed" value="false"/>

Once enabled globally, if you want to disable it for specific sites in an installation that is possible by adding site specific settings to disable it like this:

<add key="Site1-DisableRecentContentFeed" value="true"/>

The url for the feed is at yoursiteroot/Services/RecentContentRss.aspx

<add key="RecentContentFeedMaxDaysOld" value="30"/>
<add key="RecentContentDefaultItemsToRetrieve" value="10"/>
<add key="RecentContentMaxItemsToRetrieve" value="60"/>
<add key="RecentContentChannelDescription" value=""/>
<add key="RecentContentChannelCopyright" value=""/>
<add key="RecentContentChannelNotifyEmail" value=""/>
<add key="RecentContentFeedTimeToLive" value="10"/>
<add key="RecentContentFeedCacheTimeInMinutes" value="10"/>

For multi site installations, each of the above also support the Site1-SettingName syntax so that different sites could be configured differently.

RecentContentMaxItemsToRetrieve constrains the requested number of items specified by a query string paramater n=
For example:


will return the 60 newest items. If the query string parameter requests a higher number than the configured RecentContentMaxItemsToRetrieve, then the RecentContentMaxItemsToRetrieve will be used.

The returned results can also be limited to a specific feature like the Html Content feature or the Forums or Blog, etc. To do this you need to know the feature guid and pass it in the query string param f=

The feature guid for the HTML Content Feature is: 881e4e00-93e4-444c-b7b0-6672fb55de10

so to filter by that continuing with our previous url example:


would return only results that are from the Html Content feature. 

The feature guids for other known features are:

Blog 026cbead-2b80-4491-906d-b83e37179ccf
Forums 38aa5a84-9f5c-42eb-8f4c-105983d419fb
List/Links 74bdbcc2-0e79-47ff-bcd4-a159270bf36e
Shared Files dc873d76-5bf2-4ac5-bff7-434a87a3fc8e
Image Gallery d572f6b4-d0ed-465d-ad60-60433893b401
Events 5a343d88-bce1-43d1-98ae-b42d77893e7b
WebStore 0cefbf18-56de-11dc-8f36-bac755d89593
Event Calendar Pro c5e6a5df-ac2a-43d3-bb7f-9739bc47194e

By default the feed will return content based on the modified date so it should return both new articles and recently updated ones. If you want to make it use the created date so that it only returns newly created content you can pass the query string parameter gc=true as in this example:


RecentContentFeedTimeToLive is populated on the ttl property of the RSS feed and feed consumers "may" use that to determine how often to refresh the feed.

RecentContentFeedCacheTimeInMinutes controls the actual output cache of the feed itself.

Created by Joe Audette on Feb 13, 2013
Last Modified by Joe Davis on Oct 19, 2018