Accessibility in mojoPortal

Accessibility is an important goal for any Content Management System that aims to support as many users as possible. There is a lot to learn to meet not only the legal guidelines for web accessibility but also the vision that guides such legislation.

Accessibility of mojoPortal Features 

In mojoPortal, we have gone to significant efforts to make everything as accessible as possible, especially for front-end or public facing features. You will generally find that all site features and administration in mojoPortal can function well without javascript enabled, though obviously without the benefits of javascript WYSIWYG editors. Compare this to our competitors like DotNetNuke or Umbraco and you will find that you can do practically nothing with them as far as site management when javascript is disabled.

We are committed to following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the W3C during the development of mojoPortal.

Accessibility of Your Website Content

A CMS can only do so much to help with accessibility because how your content is structured is very important to accessibility. We encourage all website owners to take care when creating their content to ensure it is accessible.

Accessibility Resources

Whether you're developing features for mojoPortal or writing content for a website, you will need information on how to properly implement content to be accessible. These links are meant to provide you with a good starting point.