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Event Calendar Pro

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Thumbnail screen shot of event calendar proEvent Calendar Pro provides a feature rich solution for publishing event calendars. Once installed in your mojoPortal site, you can add instances of Event Calendar Pro to as many pages in your site as you like, so you can have multiple Calendars with different events. A nightclub or a band could use this feature to list their concerts and even sell tickets to concerts. You can use it for course or class registration by creating recurring events and specifying that the ticket includes the recurrences. For a guided tour of Event Calendar Pro, please see this demo/training video. You can also try it out yourself on our demo site Available licenses:  Single Installation License, Server License or Enterprise License.

Features at a Glance

  • Month View - the familiar calendar view with support for displaying events that span across days, weeks or months.
  • List View - a more accessible view for some users, allows paging through events. Events in this view are formatted in hcalendar format.
  • Week View
  • Day View
  • Timeline View - very interesting way to visualize your events on a timeline.
  • Detail View - the detail view for each event uses a nice bookmarkable, search engine friendly url in the format my-event-title-2008-08-16.aspx
  • You can sell tickets online using Authorize.NET, PlugNPay, WorldPay, PayPal, or Google Checkout.
  • You can require registration for events that are free.
  • You can expose the events as an RSS feed so users can subscribe to event notification using an RSS reader like Google Reader.
  • Google Maps and Bing Maps are integrated so you can enter the location of your event and a Map will automatically be displayed, and optionally users can get driving directions or search for hotels or restauarants near your event.
  • Free upgrades to new versions of Event Calendar Pro for a year after purchase.
  • You can also migrate data from the free mojoPortal event calendar using a utility available in the article Event Calendar Pro Tips and Tricks.

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Month View

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List View

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Week View

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Day View

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Timeline View

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Ticket Purchase

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First you need a web site running the free open source mojoPortal software (version or higher on ASP.NET 4.5 hosting) using MS SQL 2005/2008/SqlAzure, SQL CE, MySql, PostgreSql, SQLite, or Firebird Sql for the database. You should get your site working before you buy the Event Calendar Pro Feature. For information on setting up a mojoPortal site, see mojoPortal Installation. If you need an older version of Event Calendar Pro, contact us.

After purchasing Event Calendar Pro, download the .zip file to your local machine and using an FTP Client like FileZilla, copy the contents of the wwwroot folder into the root folder of your mojoPortal web site. Then visit http://yoursiteroot/Setup/Default.aspx to complete the installation of Event Calendar Pro.

Ticket Sales Requires a PayPal account, or a Google Checkout account, or an Authorize.NET account as described in the documentation here:

  • Initial Release 2008-08-20
  • Released 2008-08-27 - added support for rendering events that span days or weeks on Month View
  • Released 2008-09-19 to accomodate changes in mojoPortal
  • Released 2008-09-27, fixed localization bug in date picker
  • Released 2008-11-24 on multi day events show begin and end date in List View
  • Released 2009-01-28 a major upgrade, can be used for class or course registraton by creating a recurring event with the option for ticket to include recurrences. Per event map settings and meta data, ability to color code events on month view. New summary filed allows a shorter description on List View and Ticket Order page. See this blog post for more details about this release.
  • Released 2009-02-26 fixed bug where incorrect currency was sometimes shown on event detail page. Integrated with new mojoportal commerce reporting system so ticket sales have reporting and order history is integrated into user profile.
  • Released 2009-03-21 fixed a few minor html validation bugs and now if only 1 view is allowed the link for that view is suppressed.
  • Released 2009-05-19 compatibility fix for mojoPortal
  • Released 2009-06-17 for compatibility changes with mojoPortal
  • Released 2009-06-29 for compatibility withmojoPortal now module view permissions are stored in the search index in addition to page view permissions
  • Released 2009-07-26, only change is a new version of Timeline.Net.dll which fixes some javascript errors in IE 8
  • Released 2009-09-01, fixed a localization issue in the date picker for recurrence end date. Added an option to update all recurrences at once, added an option to hide event details from unauthenticated users, fixed issue where multi day events that had a start date earlier than the current date were not shown on the List View.
  • Released 2009-09-04, fixed issue where cancelled orders did not reduce the sold ticket count. Added config option which allows showing page left and right content in all views
  • Released 2009-10-03 compatibility update for .NET 3.5 and mojoPortal
  • Released 2009-10-09 Fixed bug in RSS, added setting for minutes increment used in time drop down lists
  • Released 2009-11-02 Fixed bug where Greek characters did not display correctly in Timeline view, exclude past events from RSS
  • Released 2010-02-22 compatibility updates for mojoPortal
  • Released 2010-02-24 fixed bug where view menu was shown on event detail when only 1 view is enabled, it is not supposed to be shown in this case. Fixed bug where changing the status of a ticket order to cancelled did not reduce the number of sold tickets so sold out could occur when tickets were still available.
  • Released 2010-05-07 fixed bug where RSS feed had incorrect urls if hosted in a virtual directory. Added better time zone handling to adjust correctly for Daylight savings when creating future events. Added config setting to allow ticket purchase/registration without registering/signing into the site. Added new recurrence type for every 14 days. Now supports will pay later registration without any commerce configuration. Added option to use the same sales begin date for recurring events.
  • Released 2010-06-03 compatibility update for mojoPortal, includes builds for .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0
  • Released 2010-06-18 compatibility update for mojoPortal, uses the newer version of AjaxControlToolkit to be compatible with mojoPortal which has also upgraded to the new AjaxControlToolkit
  • Released 2010-07-22 added support for SQL CE database, consolidated support for SqlAzure into the MS SQL data layer
  • Released 2011-01-06 fixed bug where allowing ticket purchases without site registration was not working. fixed minor style bug in calendar view and added some additional CSS classes to make custom skinning easier.
  • Released 2011-02-11 fixed bug where page specific skins were not being applied
  • Released 2011-06-21 added support for Bing Maps, compatibility updates for mojoPortal
  • Released 2011-07-12 compatibility updates for mojoPortal and Mobile Kit Pro version 1
  • Released 2011-09-29 added new links to allow users to easily add events to Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Windows Live Calendar, and Outlook/iCalendar. We also added a new text area that can be shown during event registration to capture additional information from users who register or purchase tickets for events. Updated to new version of AjaxControlToolkit for compatibility with mojoPortal
  • Released 2011-12-04 compatibility updates for mojoPortal
  • Released 2012-01-26 compatibility updates for mojoPortal
  • Released 2012-03-23 fixed some layout jumpiness in the event editor, added options to not require or show address and phone fields for free event registration, added option to use Summarry instead of event detail in outbound feed, added a setting to controll how far into the future to include events in the outbound feed, added some body css classes on edit/admin pages
  • Released 2012-07-18 compatibility updates for mojoPortal and some minor SEO improvements
  • Released 2012-08-09 fixed a bug where ticket notes were not being captured if the event is free
  • Released 2012-08-30 fixed a bug where sign in/registration links were shown even when event registration does not require authentication and when site registration is disabled
  • Released 2012-10-12 added support for WorldPay payment gateway, requires mojoPortal or higher
  • Released 2012-11-28 fixed bug where when allowing anonymous ticket purchases with PayPal, if the user clicked the link going back to the site they would see the Access Denied message since order detail is not allowed for anonymous orders. Requires mojoPortal or higher.
  • Released 2013-02-07 compatibility update for changes in the mojoPortal search index, requires mojoPortal or higher
  • Released 2013-04-30 compatibility update for mojoPortal, also added new features to allow putitng Calendar View or  List View on any CMS page and pull its data from a Calendar instance on another page. Requires mojoPortal or higher
  • Released 2013-07-29 compatibility update for mojoPortal
  • Released 2013-11-20 fixed a time zone bug when creating daily recurrences it was not getting the last day in some cases
  • Released 2014-01-23 added support for PayPal Express Checkout, added 2 new themeable DisplaySettings. Requires mojoPortal or higher.
  • Released 2014-07-18 compatibility for mojoPortal and .NET 4.5
  • Released 2014-12-02 compatibility for mojoPortal
  • Released 2014-12-18 compatibility for mojoPortal, fixed a bug in PayPal Express checkout
  • Released 2015-04-29 compatibility update for mojoPortal
  • Released 2016-04-10 compatibility update for mojoPortal
  • Released 2018-10-20 compatibility update for mojoPortal 2.7, MySQL 8 Support, Google Map fix, more Display Settings, read more in the mojoPortal 2.7 release announcement.