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If you need hosting, we recommend PeoplesHost, they provide quality shared hosting and are supporters and sponsors of the mojoPortal project. When you get hosting through PeoplesHost and keep it for at least 60 days they make a nice contribution to the mojoPortal project, so using PeoplesHost hosting is a good way to give something back and support our work. PeoplesHost is generously sponsoring the mojoPortal project with a PeoplesChoice VPS, but I have also personally tested mojoPortal on their shared hosting and found it to be at least as good or better than any shared hosting I've ever tried. If you are looking for a new host I recommend give them a try.
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mojoPortal is no longer under active development

mojoPortal is no longer under active development. It is still being maintained for security fixes if such issues come up. You can get the source code on github.

If you liked my work on mojoPortal you may also find my latest open source projects interesting.

As you may know there is a new web stack coming from Microsoft, ASP.NET Core and .NET Core. These are currently in preview and should be released early in 2016.

.NET Core framework is a new light weight cross platform version of .NET that will be supported by Microsoft on Windows, Linux, and Mac. ASP.NET Core is the unification of previous MVC concepts with those of Web API.

These new frameworks and tools are going to really modernize the way we develop web applications and sites.

To learn these new technologies I've done quite a bit of work building a new project named cloudscribe.Core.Web and cloudscribe.SimpleContent

I've implemented some of the foundational features that exist in mojoPortal including multi-tenancy aka multi-sites, user and role management. I also re-purposed a lot of data access code from mojoportal to implement those things but refactored it and made it asynchronous since async is one of the new good things in the new goodness.

I'm interested in feedback on the new cloudscribe projects, and hoping to actively keep moving forward with it depending on how much interest it gets, but I'm also in need of employment.  With luck, maybe I can find something that aligns both of those interests.