Using Authorize.NET


Authorize.NET is a service that allows you to charge credit cards on your own site without redirecting the user elsewhere to complete the transaction. You absolutley must have an SSL certificate to use Authorize.NET because users will be entering sensitive data like their credit card number and billing address into your site. When you sign up for Authorize.NET, they will provide you with an API Login and an API Transaction Key. You will enter these values in the following settings which should go in the Web.config or user.config file of your mojoPortal content management system installaiton, ideally user.config.

This setting determines whether to use the test server or the production server:
<add key="Site1-PaymentGatewayUseTestMode" value="false" />
<add key="Site1-PrimaryPaymentGateway" value="Authorize.NET" />

These settings are where you put your API credentials for testing in the Authorize.NET sandbox. You will have different crednetials for production use:
<add key="Site1-AuthorizeNetSandboxAPILogin" value="" />
<add key="Site1-AuthorizeNetSandboxAPITransactionKey" value="" />

These settings are for your production Authorize.NET API credntials:
<add key="Site1-AuthorizeNetProductionAPILogin" value="" />
<add key="Site1-AuthorizeNetProductionAPITransactionKey" value="" />

Note that all the settings are prefixed with Site1-
In most cases this will be correct for a single site installation because the first site will typically have SiteID = 1, however you may want to verify your  SiteID by looking in the mp_Sites table. If you SiteID is 2 then your prefix will be Site2- and so on depending on your SiteID.

Created by Steve Mitchell on Oct 02, 2010
Last Modified by Joe Audette on May 24, 2013