Using NeatUpload for Multiple File Upload

UPDATE as of mojoPortal Version and higher, we no longer use NeatUpload in mojoPortal see the release notes for version for more details.

The information below is no longer accurate and only applies to legacy versions of mojoPortal.

Many of the features of mojoPortal content management system support file uploads, and in most of those features we use NeatUpload which provides support for multiple file selection and bulk upload as well as a progress bar that shows the progress of the upload.

However NeatUpload only works in Full Trust web hosting, so we have it disabled by default in the official release packages of mojoPortal. If you do have full trust hosting, we highly recommend that you enable NeatUpload to take advantage of these features.

To find out if you are hosted in Full Trust, visit Administration > System Information

There you will see either "Full Trust" or "Partial Trust". Partial Trust means Medium Trust and you will not be able to use NeatUpload. If it says Full Trust, you should be able to use NeatUpload. 

To use NeatUpload, the web.config file needs some special settings. We already have the settings in there but they are commented out. The Easiest way to enable it is to rename your web.config file to web.mediumtrust.config and then rename the existing file web.fulltrust.config to web.config. Then restore any customizations such as the machine key from the old web.config file to the new one.

Created by Joe Audette on Jul 02, 2012
Last Modified by Joe Audette on Jun 27, 2013