Content Versioning Documentation

Using Content Version History

mojoPortal content management system has the ability to keep a history of every edit in the Html Content feature and in the Blog. There are 3 ways to enable the versioning system.

  • In Web.config you can set <add key="EnforceContentVersioningGlobally" value="true" /> to enable it installation wide
  • In Site Settings you can enale it for the site. content versioning setting screen shot
  • In the Feature Settigns for the Blog or Html instance.

Note that if set in site settings or web.config then the feature instance setting is ignored.

Once versioning is enabled, after you edit a blog post or html content instance a grid will appear below the editor with the previous versions.
content version grid screen shot

The Delete buttons only appear for Administrators or Content Administrators. You can comare any previous version side by side with the current version, and you can restore any previous version to the editor where you can save to restore it as is or modify it then save.