Login Module Display Settings

There are several properties for the Login Module that can be controlled from the theme.skin file in the skin folder.

The following shows all the available properties with their default values.

<portal:LoginModuleDisplaySettings runat="server"
LinkSeparator="<br />"

Note that prior to mojoPortal version the login module would by default disappear from the page once the user signed into the site. However, now that we have options to show the user's avatar and profile links once they do sign in, we changed it to not hide it after sign in by default, but you can change it back using the new display setting HideWhenAuthenticated.

IncludeSocialLogin only applies when you have enabled the Janrain Engage social sign in feature. It is disabled by default because typically the Login module is used in a side column and the Janrain widget would be too wide for most side columns, though you can make it wider.

DisableModuleChrome can turn off the typical markup used for CMS content features to make the Login module blend into the page rather than look like other content features. You might also uncheck "Show Title" in the feature settings if you choose to set this to true.

Created by Joe Audette on Oct 11, 2012
Last Modified by Joe Audette on Oct 12, 2012