This is a list of developer tools we use and recommend.

Visual Studio

This is the main tool that we live in all day long and is the primary tool for .NET development. I recommend Visual Studio 2010 Pro or higher versions. For upstart web developers, you probably qualify for a free license via the Microsoft Website Spark Program.

Codesmith Generator

We use Codesmith Generator for generating starter code and we include our own custom mojoPortal specific templates for Codesmith in our source code repository.

JetBrains dotTRACE Bundle

The JetBrains dotTRACE Bundle is an awesome tool for use in profiling .NET applications to find performance bottlenecks, memory leaks and other things can can impact the performance of an application.

JetBrains WebStorm Javascript/Html Editor

We use JetBrains WebStorm for tweaking skins and javascript, it is an awesome tool.

Last Modified by Joe Audette on Jun 10, 2011