There are some cases where you may need to share users between sites in a single mojoPortal installation. As of version, mojoPortal CMS now supports this. The following Web.config/user.config settings are relevant:

<add key="UseRelatedSiteMode" value="false"/>
<add key="RelatedSiteID" value="1"/>
<add key="RelatedSiteModeHideRoleManagerInChildSites" value="true"/>

Setting UseRelatedSiteMode to true will enable this feature. Normally the first site will be the master site and it will have SiteID = 1. If for some reason your master site has a different site id, you can specify it using the RelatedSiteID setting. All the users will be attached to this site id and all the roles and users from this site will be shared across all the other sites. The same roles apply throughout all the sites, so an Administrator can edit anything about any site. It is also possible to assign certain roles permission to edit a child site, so they can edit only within that site but they are not administrators of the system, so they have no ability to create roles or change security settings other than page permissions within their site. The setting for assigning the Site Editor Roles only shows up in Site Settings from the master site. You choose the child site from the drop-down list and can set its Site Settings. There you will see the setting for Site Editor Roles.