Whether you want to build your own custom web application or just need a good starting place that already includes the common features needed for your website, mojoPortal can be extremely useful to you. No matter what your level of technical knowledge is you can create an advanced website with great features like authentication, role based security, managed workflow, content history, and more. mojoPortal also comes packaged with many common-use-case modules like blogs, forums, contact forms, a webstore, file management and more.

mojoPortal has features that cater to all types of users; site owners who just want simple functionality, website design agencies and freelancers that need a reusable platform, and developers looking to build a custom wep app. The project is 100% free and open source, meaning you can use it for your own purposes without any added costs involved. If you do decide to support the project we offer a set of premium services that can provide you with enhanced functionality in a number of ways and also help to support the continued growth of the project.

mojoPortal is easy to useEase of Use

The only thing you'll need to manage your site is common sense. We have always aimed to provide a good experience for users of all backgrounds, technical or not.

Use whatever CSS/HTML you likeCustomization

We've made mojoPortal fully skinnable, you can use Bootstrap or any other framework you like and simply change the classes used by the system in one place.

Extensible code frameworkExtensibility

mojoPortal is a great starting point for your own custom development, with elegant plumbing and well organized, commented, and documented source code.

Look around, see what's possible

You can build pretty much any kind of website using mojoPortal. You can read about all the features you get for free, or just check out some of the mojoPortal sites we've seen here:

mojoPortal Features mojoPortal Sightings

Development Team

The mojoPortal development team brings together decades of experience in web development & design. We believe the best way to ensure the health of a CMS is for the development team to use it regularly, so we do - all of us use mojoPortal for our own purposes and are always looking for ways to make improvements to the user experience. We have a lot planned for the future and we hope you'll join us.


One great reason to use mojoPortal for your web project is you'll be a part of a welcoming, friendly community that's there to help whenever you need us. You can also participate by providing feedback in the form of bug reports and feature ideas (which our primary development team take very seriously), by helping your fellow mojoPortal users on the forums, or by contributing code yourself. In fact, because mojoPortal is an open source project the community is a huge part of the project, and any one of you can be a part of the project's development at any time. 

Best of Both Worlds

Many open source projects depend entirely upon the community for development and support, which can lead to delays and inconsistencies. mojoPortal does not have this problem because even though the CMS is open source, it is supported by a profitable company, i7MEDIA. This means you can enjoy the advantages of working with an open source project without sacrificing security, support, and consistency.

i7MEDIA is committed to keeping mojoPortal free, improving and updating the core functionality, providing bug fixes when issues are found, and helping keep the project modern, all without any costs to you. We are confident that we can provide premium services like hosting, support, design, skinning, and development to keep ourselves paid while still maintaining a solid focus on the open source side of the project.

Photo of Joe Davis

Joe Davis

Project Lead | President, i7MEDIA

Joe Davis is the founder of i7MEDIA and has been an active contributor to mojoPortal since 2008. Chances are if you've ever posted a question in our forums Joe Davis has helped you.

Photo of Isaac Hall

Isaac Hall

Web Designer & Front End Developer, i7MEDIA

Isaac is the artist behind most of i7MEDIA's work. He lends his tremendous skills in both design and UI development to the mojoPortal project to ensure that it is a great-looking CMS.

Photo of Elijah Fowler

Elijah Fowler

Developer, i7MEDIA

Elijah is a very talented full-stack developer but his passion is with learning new technology and figuring out how he can make use of it with the projects he's working on.



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