Blog Featured Post

As of mojoPortal the Blog module supports Featured Post functionality.

Featured Posts

Setting a post as “featured” means that the post will “stick” to the top of the list of blog posts making itself the first thing a viewer sees when visting your blog.

To set a post as “featured” scroll to the bottom of the blog edit page and check the "Is Featured Post?" checkbox and save. That’s it! Your post is now the Featured Post!

You can only have one featured post at a time, so if you set a new post as “featured” the old post will no longer be the featured post. To clear the featured post, edit the featured post, uncheck "Is Featured Post?" and save.

Theme.Skin Settings

This setting is in the BlogDisplaySettings section of the

The featured post has a special class so you can style it differently than the other posts. To change the class, set the FeaturedPostClass to the class you need.

The defaults for all these settings are like this:

<blog:BlogDisplaySettings runat="server"