Blog Documentation

Using the Blog

As of mojoPortal version we've added better support for multiple users to post blogs in the same blog feature instance. By default users with edit permission on the page containing the Blog instance or users with edit permission directly on the Blog instance can only edit the posts they create themselves, unless they are also members of the Administrators or Content Administrators roles.

It is possible by configuration to restore the previous behavior where anyone with edit permission could edit any post, by adding this in your user.config file:

<add key="Blog:SecurePostsByUser" value="false" />

We've also added support for end dates on blog posts. If an end date is specified then the blog will no longer be visible to users without edit permission after the end date. Furthermore it will be removed from the google site mape of blog posts and the post url will return the http status code 410 which means the content is gone but once existed. 

Some settings for the Blog are also controlled from the file of the skin. See the article Blog Display Settings for more informaiton.