Same Content on All Pages

Note: Use of ModuleWrapper is not something I recommend unless there is no other way to do what you are trying to do, it does not work well with our security model but it works ok at least with the Html Content feature. However because it is bypassing page security since it is not bound to the pages it is shown on or their specific page ids, only Admins and Content Admins can edit it directly from any page. If you want to allow others to edit it you could publish it specifically on a private page and let users edit it in the context of edit roles on that page.

When possible I would recommend avoid use of ModuleWrapper, and just publishing the item on the pages or using the new Global content feature to make it easier to add existing content to pages. If the content is in a side content panel like divLeft or divRight, and you want to show it also on non-CMS pages you can force the display of a side column on all pages.

Any content that you want to appear on all pages like logos, copyright info etc typically goes in the layout.master file of your skin. All pages that use the skin will display the content. You can enter whatever raw html you want there.

You can use an instance of the Html Content feature if you would like to show that same content on all pages but you don't want to have to add it manually to each page in the site. You can achieve this once you determine the moduleid of the content. You can typically determine the module id when you mouse over an edit link you will see the mid= parameter in the url.

Once you know the id you can add it to all pages in the site by adding a ModuleWrapper control in your layout.master like this:

<portal:ModuleWrapper ID="mdl33" runat="server" ConfigureModuleID="33" />

where you specify the ConfiguredModuleID property with the moduleid of the content you want to show and the wrapper will load the content.

Be aware however, that content duplicated across pages is not good for search engine optimization.

The ModuleWrapper was designed to show content on CMS pages (ie the pages in the main menus). If you want to show it on other pages, you may need to force it to always show side content in left, right or both, using these settings on the StyleSheetCombiner in layout.master:

<portal:StyleSheetCombiner id="StyleSheetCombiner" runat="server" AlwaysShowLeftColumn="true" AlwaysShowRightColumn="true" />

There is also settings on the ModuleWrapper for ShowOnlyOnCmsPages="false" and HideOnNonCmsPages="false".