The FileBrowserTextBoxExtender control is a useful control for allowing users to find URLs (of images, documents, etc) on their mojoPortal installation to put into a TextBox control.  The user can still type in a URL or path on their own, but this makes it much easier to find a specific file.  Because the control opens the standard mojoPortal file browser (the same one used in the WYSIWYG editors), a user can also upload a new file and select it for use in the TextBox.

  • BrowserType: Sets the type of file browser.  Valid options are image, media, file, and folder.
    • Folder is useful if you have a  module setting for instance that sets a media path 
  • Text: The text of the link.  Eg. "Browse..."
  • ​ToolTip: The text of the tooltip (could be same as or different from text, above).  Eg. "Browse files..."
  • ​TextBoxClientId: NOTE: This must be set in code (cannot be in the markup).  This is the client id​ ("ctl00$mainContent$txtImageUrl") of the TextBox control with which the FileBrowserTextBoxExtender is associated.  See example below.


HTML/ASPX markup:

<asp:TextBox ID="txtImageUrl" runat="server" CssClass="forminput widetextbox" />
<portal:FileBrowserTextBoxExtender ID="browseImage" runat="server" BrowserType="image" />


browseImage.Text = xResources.AdminFormBrowse;
browseImage.ToolTip = xResources.AdminFormBrowse;
browseImage.TextBoxClientId = txtImageUrl.ClientID;
Last Modified by Matt Millican on Jan 30, 2014