The FileBrowserTextBoxExtender control is a useful control for allowing users to find URLs (of images, documents, etc) on their mojoPortal installation to put into a TextBox control.  The user can still type in a URL or path on their own, but this makes it much easier to find a specific file.  Because the control opens the standard mojoPortal file browser (the same one used in the WYSIWYG editors), a user can also upload a new file and select it for use in the TextBox.



Sets the type of file browser. Valid options are image, media, file, and folder.

Folder is useful if you have a  module setting for instance that sets a media path


The text of the link. Eg. "Browse..."


The text of the tooltip (could be same as or different from text, above). Eg. "Browse files..."


This is the client id ("ctl00$mainContent$txtImageUrl") of the TextBox control with which the FileBrowserTextBoxExtender is associated. See example below.

NOTE: This must be set in code, it cannot be in the markup.


HTML/ASPX markup:

<asp:TextBox ID="txtImageUrl" runat="server" CssClass="forminput widetextbox" />
<portal:FileBrowserTextBoxExtender ID="browseImage" runat="server" BrowserType="image" />


browseImage.Text = xResources.AdminFormBrowse;
browseImage.ToolTip = xResources.AdminFormBrowse;
browseImage.TextBoxClientId = txtImageUrl.ClientID;
Last Modified by Elijah Fowler on Feb 23, 2017