Linking to External or Existing Pages

Pages in the mojoPortal content management system menus are what we call CMS pages, they are the main pages of the site. Sometimes you may wish to create a link in the menu that links to a different site, or you may have a CMS page in your site that you would like to appear in more than one place in the menu. 

The same technique is used for both scenarios. When you create a new CMS page, by default it will suggest an url in the format ~/page-name.aspx, but you can override this by editing it. So, if you wanted to link to google from the menu for example, you could edit the url and make it a fully qualified url like:

For linking a CMS page in more than one place in the menu you do the same thing. First you create the real page with the standard url ~/whatever-you-name-it.aspx. Then you can create additional page(s) at different places in the menu hierarchy that point to http://yoursiteroot/whatever-you-name-it.aspx

The real page can only really have one parent page so when the user clicks the link and visits the page the menu will be selected/highlighted for the real parent page path. But they can access that link from multiple places in the menu.