Controlling jQuery & jQuery UI Versions

Controlling jQuery & jQuery UI Versions

mojoPortal usually uses the most recent stable versions of the jQuery and jQuery UI frameworks. We test them thoroughly before upgrading to a new version. The scripts themselves are loaded from a Google CDN and the version of both frameworks is controlled by settings in the web.config file. This makes upgrading to a new version of the frameworks very easy because all one needs to do is change the values on the appropriate web.config keys to start using a new version. 

If a different version of either the jQuery or the jQuery UI framework is needed, add the following keys to your user.config file, adjust the values accordingly and then "touch" the web.config to force IIS to reload your site.

<add key="GoogleCDNjQueryVersion" value="1.7.1"/>
<add key="GoogleCDNjQueryUIVersion" value="1.8.16"/>

Please note that one shouldn't change these keys without first knowing if the two framework versions are compatible with each other.

If you need to host the jQuery and jQuery UI frameworks on your server, see this article.

Last Modified by Joe Davis on Apr 19, 2017