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mojoPortal Released

mojoPortal is now available on our download page. This is a minor maintenance release.

What's New?

  • Upgrade to AjaxControlToolkit v16.1
  • Upgrade to newer, more user friendly recaptcha - Thanks Joe Davis of i7MEDIA
  • Update to the new preferred endpoint for Authorize.NET
  • various minor bug fixes

new user friendly recaptcha

Note that there are corresponding updates to our add on products that also use AjaxControlToolkit because they need to use the same version as mojoPortal, so whenever you upgrade to a newer version of mojoPortal you should also download and install the latest version of any add on products that you have purchased. Just login to this site with the account you used to purchase, click the "My Account" link at the top of the page and download the latest version from your purchase history.

New Hosting Partner

This site has migrated to a new VPS generously provided by PeoplesHost. They also provide the mojoPortal project with a generous affiliate program so if you click one of our ads before purchasing hosting and you keep it for at least 60 days, we get a nice commission. I have also tested their shared hosting myself and found it to be quite good, so if you are in need of new hosting give them a try.

mojoportal hosting by peopleshost

New Open Source Projects in the Works

As you may know, I am no longer actively developing mojoPortal. After 12 years, the ASP.NET WebForms technology that mojoPortal is built on is going out of style in favor of better, more modern frameworks, and there has been a corresponding decline in the popularity of mojoPortal so that it is no longer possible for me to build a successful business around it. mojoPortal is still a very feature rich product and many people do still use it, but it is not a platform for the next 15 years of the web. I am still maintaining it for any security issues if such issues come up, and there will be occasional minor updates such as this one, so if you are using it and it meets your needs there is no need to abandon it or rebuild existing sites. It is very user friendly and people may even find it useful for new projects in the near term. But for the long term, I am focusing my efforts on new things.

ASP.NET Core and .NET Core

I'm very excited about the brand new frameworks from Microsoft that are currently in preview but will reach a 1.0 release later this year. These new frameworks support modern patterns that have been evolving in the industry over many years, they are fast, lightweight, and cross platform. Yes, cross platform, as in officially supported by  Microsoft on windows, linux, and osx! Those of you who have been around the mojoPortal community may remember that cross platform was an important goal for mojoPortal for a long time, but this goal was hinged upon the use of Mono, but  Mono never really proved to be a reliable platform for mojoPortal at least for production and it took a lot of work trying to work around things that were either buggy or not implemented in Mono, so after many years of trying I gave up on it. Fast forward to today, and the founder of Mono is now working at Microsoft, and Mono has evolved as a very useful platform for mobile devices, but with the new .NET Core framework, we no longer need it as a web platform.

It feels to me like we are in the beginning of a renaissance and I am ecstatic about the direction and openness of the new Microsoft. I've been working very hard learning the new frameworks, letting go of old familiar patterns and embracing new modern ones. I have a number of new open source projects I'm working on that I hope you will take a look at and keep an eye on, though they are all in the early stages right now.

If you would like to be kept in the loop on these projects, at some point we will have a newsletter, so please send an email to These days all the cool projects also have a gitter chat room, if you want to ask informal questions about my cloudscribe projects or just be social, stop by and say hello.

chat me up

Since I do need to make a living, I'm also working on a set of commercial, closed source projects that I plan to make compatible with my cloudscribe open source projects, but I'm planning to build them in a way to be easy to integrate with almost any web application built on ASP.NET Core. The modular nature of the new frameworks makes that vision possible. I'm closely watching the progress also of Orchard2 as something I would like my products to be compatible with and something that I may use for larger projects with advanced requirements. 

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