Improvements to the mojoPortal Visual Studio Projects and Solutions

Just a quick post to give a heads up to folks working with mojoPortal from the source code repository that the latest code in the repository has some significant improvements to the Visual Studio projects and solutions and I have updated some relevant documentation but wanted to bring it to your attention.

You can now use the Visual Studio Publish feature to package mojoPortal as described in the updated article Packaging and Deployment. I'm very happy about this because it has historically been one of those things that developers who are new to mojoPortal always stumbled with but prior to VS 2010 there was not an easy way to solve it. We've used the free UnleashIt tool to package mojoPortal since 2004 as we progressed from Visual Studio 2003 through VS 2005 and VS 2008, but improvements to Visual Studio 2010 and MsBuild made it possible to solve this problem easily so going forward will be able use Visual Studio 2010.

Also much nicer now for those who work with data layers other than MS SQL, you no longer have to change project references to use a different data layer. Now it is as easy as choosing the build configuration. I updated the old document "Setting the Data Layer in Visual Studio". I really love this since I'm always going back and forth working on different data layers.

screen shot of build configuration dropdown list


I think the out of the box experience with working with the source code in Visual Studio is significantly improved.

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