New Google Map Feature Landing in svn Tonight

I am about finished implementing a quick google maps feature. I went ahead and updated this site with the code so I could show it off. You can see it in action here:

It allows you to specify a location, map size, optional to show the map type control (Satellite,hybrid,map), option to show the zoom control, option to open a balloon with info about the location, option to show a local area google search, and a few other options.

I haven't finished implementing the get driving directions, will finish that tomorrow but its exciting enough I couldn't wait to blog about it. Its in my svn sandbox now and will be in svn trunk by later tonight.

It was really very easy, but visual stuff is always exciting and fun to work on.

Those working from the source code using svn trunk, it will be available in the next few hours. After you do svn update, rebuild the solution then visit yoursiteroot/Setup/Default.aspx to install it. Then it will show up like other features that you can put on any page.

Update: 2007-12-09

I got the driving directions working as you can see by clicking the link above. One thing to be aware of is that driving directions won't work on a local network or on localhost using the free google maps API key. As I understand it, if you buy an enterprise license it can work on local networks but the free one only works on public sites. The map seems to work just fine on localhost, its only the driving directions feature that doesn't work on localhost.



re: New Google Map Feature Landing in svn Tonight

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 6:59:47 AM

t's my X-mas YetAnotherForum integration version for MSSQL Server junkies and mojoPortal Community. It looks like an external module, but it's really is a page with controls, redirected from the module shell. Unfortunatly, I can't add it to forum because of error.


re: New Google Map Feature Landing in svn Tonight

Friday, February 15, 2008 2:03:33 AM

i like mojo. i like to use mojo google map. i need to use it.can any one help me? googlemaps.aspx code will be ok for me.

please help.


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