mojoPortal Released

I'm happy to announce the release of mojoPortal, available now on our download page. We will submit this release to the Web App Gallery next week after we've had a chance to get any feedback from our early adopters.

New Security Options

  • It is now possible to require approval of new users before they can sign in, a setting in Site Settings enables it and you can specify email addresses to receive notification of new users that need approval, and a new button will appear on the member list page to find users not approved yet if you enable this. This is not a recommended configuration if you are doing eCommerce since it creates more barriers to completing a purchase if the user must wait for approval before he can sign in.
  • It is now possible to require any user to change their password from a setting in user management.
  • From Site Settings, you can now configure it to require a user to change their password after password recovery or reset.
  • There is now a custom error message you can configure in site settings if you are using a regular expression to validate password rules, you can provide an error message that explains the rules.

We also made the MS SQL packages of mojoPortal pre-configured for Medium Trust by default since this is the most common installation issue that people encounter. If you are hosted in Full Trust you can use the Web.fulltrust.config file.

Easier Content Re-Use

There is a new way to mark re-usable content as global content, which makes it available for page editors to add existing content to their pages. Joe Davis of i7MEDIA has made a nice video tutorial showing how to use this new feature, see the Global Content Section on this page.

Blog Improvements

  • Someone asked for the ability to not create a 301 redirect when a post is renamed and the URL changes. By default, we believe this behavior is what should happen to automatically help with SEO when a URL changes, but if you don't want that behavior you can turn it off by adding this to your user.config file: 
    <add key="Blog:Create301OnPostRename" value="false" />
  • It is now possible to use Bing Maps in the blog instead of Google Maps.
  • There have been settings in the blog for a while to allow showing the right and left column content from the main blog page also on the blog post pages. Recently someone asked to be able to show upper and lower content when using skins that have 5 content panes, so we added these Web.config settings that you could add to user.config:
    <add key="Blog:ShowTopContent" value="true" />
    <add key="Blog:ShowBottomContent" value="true" />
  • Improved Feedburner integration. When using Feedburner, we now redirect to the FeedBurner feed instead of direct linking so that you can keep users subscribed to your original blog feed and not lose subscribers if you later decide to stop using Feedburner. See updated documentation Using Feedburner with your Blog.

Miscellaneous Little Improvements

  • There is a new setting in Page Settings that allows you to control if pages appear in the child pages site map separately from if they appear in the menu
  • added config setting to allow using a custom registration page URL
  • added config option to not re-suggest URLs when renaming existing pages
  • made it possible to exclude HTML content instances from search index for landing pages that one doesn't want to come up in search, this is in the feature instance settings for Html Content
  • when moving items in pagelayout.aspx keep the item selected
  • make it possible to move pages to the top or bottom of their page tree node in PageTree.aspx
  • revamp of PageLayout.aspx thanks to Joe Davis - it required additional CSS so skins were all updated as well, see notes in this sticky thread for new CSS you need in your skin
  • CSS and markup improvements in WebStore - thanks to Joe Davis
  • when using excerpts in the feed manager make it possible to open the link in a new window
  • added an instance setting in Image Gallery to control the background color used when resizing images
  • update to a strong name signed version of NeatUpload so it can be installed in the GAC to make it work in Medium Trust hosting
  • upgrade to CKEditor 3.5
  • refactor system content templates and add new 2 column over 1 template from Jamie Eubanks
  • make it possible to specify a different site map data source id for SiteMenu control
  • when not combining CSS make URLs relative
  • updated Italian resources from Diego Mora
  • updated Persian resources from Asad Samarian
  • updated German resources from Jan Aengenvoort

Bug Fixes

  • restore possibility to edit HTML content instances that are loaded by modulewrapper
  • make IE specific CSS and favicon respect page specific skins
  • fix a bug in blog RSS when using folder based child sites it was incorrectly resolving URLs
  • fix bug where the smiley base path was not resolving correctly if running in a virtual directory instead of root
  • fix a bug in pgsql data layer for survey
  • fix a bug in pgsql data layer for content catalog paging
  • fix bug in sqlce data layer when adding features to child sites
  • fix a bug in timepicker - thanks, David Dean
  • fix an issue where export to CSV or word was not working correctly in IE 8 when SSL is enabled
  • fix a bug in webstore - add abstract to offer edit page
  • fix a bug in the forum where external images were handled differently on edit page than thread page
  • fix bug - don't show host name tab in site settings until after new site is created

As always, it is a good idea to backup your site and database before upgrading.

Corresponding Update For Form Wizard Pro

Users who have purchased  Form Wizard Pro should upgrade at the same time to the new version of Form Wizard Pro, released today for compatibility with mojoPortal This was needed because we updated to a new version of NeatUpload and Form Wizard Pro must use the same version of NeatUpload as mojoPortal or it will result in errors.

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Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.