mojoPortal 2.1.3 Released

I got some more things done today that I wished I had included in the 2.1.2 release so I went ahead and made a 2.1.3 release.

I updated to the new CSS Menu adapter release from Microsoft and by modifying the skins and adding an additional stylesheet I was able to get the menu working correctly in IE7 running on Vista RC1.

I also got the forum notification email modified so the link goes directly to the post which is nice for long threads.

Also found and fixed a few minor bugs that I noticed after deploying the 2.1.2 release to this site.

New files are available from the download page.

mojoPortal 2.1.2 Released

I just released mojoPortal 2.1.2

See my previous blog post for release notes.

The next 1.x release will happen when the new Firebird Data Layer is ready, stay tuned for more information on that.

As always if upgrading be sure and backup your site and db before doing the upgrade. If you have any difficulties, post in the forums and I will try to help.



Getting Close to a new Release

Hopefully this weekend I will make a new 2.1.2 Release

This release will have no schema changes (though there are stored procedure changes) so it will be an easy upgrade from 2.1.1
Some of the new things

  • Improved Module Caching
  • New CollapseLinkButton Control in mojoPortal.Web.Controls - this control can hide any other server control using cleint side javascript and css, you just enter the server side id in markup using the ControlToCollapse property. I used this in several administrative pages to hide sections of settings that don't need to be changed often
  • A new skin by Jasmin Savard, like the one used on this site
  • FriendlyUrls are now automatically created when creating pages
  • Blog and RSS Feeds now have friendly urls
  • Multi Sites Feature theme caching issue is now fixed and can now run multiple sites in a single application due to improvements in SiteMapProvider configuration
  • Users are now logged in automatically upon registration (thanks to Bo Rey for this fix)
  • Newest version of NeatUpload
  • Several bug fixes
  • The VS 2005 Solution now works with the VS Web Server, its no longer neccessary to setup an IIS application, just set your connection string and go

Vote For mojoPortal

mojoPortal is listed on a lot of resource sites but we have very few reviews or ratings.

Most recently we were added to the Control Gallery on the ASP.NET site.
We are also listed on:
CMS Matrix

We sure could use some reviews or ratings so if you are using mojoPortal, please take a moment and give us a review or rating on one or some of these sites.

and remember Vote Early and Vote Often

Support for Firebird Coming Soon

In the near future we will have support for using Firebird Relational Database.

Thanks to Gareth Goslett from South Africa who is the developer/maintainer of this new Data Layer.

We will first have this in the 1.x version of mojoPortal for 1.1 .NET/Mono and will follow up after that with a version for 2.x mojoPortal

Initial code has already landed in svn/trunk

Lots of other good things happening with mojoPortal that I will blog about soon.