Getting Close to a new Release

Hopefully this weekend I will make a new 2.1.2 Release

This release will have no schema changes (though there are stored procedure changes) so it will be an easy upgrade from 2.1.1
Some of the new things

  • Improved Module Caching
  • New CollapseLinkButton Control in mojoPortal.Web.Controls - this control can hide any other server control using cleint side javascript and css, you just enter the server side id in markup using the ControlToCollapse property. I used this in several administrative pages to hide sections of settings that don't need to be changed often
  • A new skin by Jasmin Savard, like the one used on this site
  • FriendlyUrls are now automatically created when creating pages
  • Blog and RSS Feeds now have friendly urls
  • Multi Sites Feature theme caching issue is now fixed and can now run multiple sites in a single application due to improvements in SiteMapProvider configuration
  • Users are now logged in automatically upon registration (thanks to Bo Rey for this fix)
  • Newest version of NeatUpload
  • Several bug fixes
  • The VS 2005 Solution now works with the VS Web Server, its no longer neccessary to setup an IIS application, just set your connection string and go