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mojoPortal on Mono and a new release coming soon!

I am very close to making a new release, probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

I think this release we will include a set of files for mojoPortal 2.x on Mono. We will be retiring the old 1.x version, it will still be in svn, but we will move it from trunk to a separate branch and then we will move the 2.x version into trunk since we are finally back to one version for all platforms.

The first mojoPortal 2.x site running on a public server that I know of,, was setup and skinned by Anton Kytmanov. Thanks for letting me know Anton!

His configuration is:
1. Mono and xsp2 v1.2.4 from binary installation package that they provide on their site.
2. mojoPortal 2.x from SVN, compiled with MonoDevelop.
3. Database -- MySQL. Version 5.0
4. OS -- KUbuntu v7.04

I have also been running mojoPortal 2.x on my local OpenSuse machines for a while now. I'm not saying there are no bugs but its ready for more people to start experimenting with it and most things are working pretty well. WebParts is still not implemented in Mono so that will be left out of the Mono build.

Stay tuned, more info when I make the release.

mojoPortal Released

I just released mojoPortal and 1.0.6

No major new features but an important security fix for NeatUpload is included in both releases.

The 2.x release also has:

the new version of FCKeditor

a new feature to prevent friendly urls from masking real urls while still allowing virtual pages to link to physical pages if desired

a number of bug fixes for things reported in the forums since the last release

As always be sure and back up both your site and your db before upgrading, and post in the forums if you have any trouble and I will try to help.


I've just released a new set of files version

If you are upgrading from a previous version, this is the last time you will need to run any upgrade scripts for the database. Next time that will happen automatically due to the new schema detection and upgrading system I implemented in this release.

So this time you do have to run the upradefrom2-2-1to2-2-1-5.sql
but next time there will be no need for this.

This will also make it easier for those working from svn branches/2.x as your db schema will also upgrade automatically whenever I check in new upgrade scripts.

If using MS SQL or PostgreSQL you need to also run the stored procedure script (this step also will not be needed going forward)

As always be sure and backup both your site and your db before upgrading and post in the foums if you run into any troubles.

Thanks to all for reporting bugs and making suggestions to help improve mojoPortal.
Thanks especially to Alexander Yushchenko for providing a lot of great QA and code review as well as patches.

Work continues on the Mono front. We are making progress but still have issues to work through. We are getting good help from the Mono Team, especially Marek Habersack. Thanks!

mojoPortal Bug Fix Release

I just released a new set of files with the following fixes.

The FCKeditor now degrades to a textarea for unsupported browsers like Safari and Opera, and also for supported browsers when javascript is disabled

Fixed issue in Shared Files module where an error would occur when adding a new folder
Fixed issue in Shared Files where pdf files would not open in the browser

Fixed issue where some of the skins had the center column hidden by default, bug was introduced when the hadnling was modified for the RightToLeft skin

Fixed a few minor issues when using custom profile properties based on roles

I implemented a new property for Module Definitions so you can set a default cache time for a Feature and new instances will use this default

No changes for tables this release but if using MS SQL or PostgreSQL you need to run the stored procedure script

mojoPortal 2.2.1 bug fix release

In the 2.2 release I added handling to convert dates to the user's timezone. Unfortunately I introduced a bug. In the Forums the MostRecentPostDate is null when you create a new forum because there are no posts yet. I forgot to include handling for null dates in the Forum module when doing the conversion to the user's timezone so when creating new forums the page containing the forum would throw an exception. Since this pretty much made the forum unusable I considered it a significant bug worthy of an immediate fix.

I also fixed an issue when using mojoPortal with Active Directory. This fix required a new column LdapDomain added to the mp_Sites table so I've added an upgradefrom2-2to2-2-1.sql script for each of the data layers. If using MS SQL or PostgreSQL you'll also need to run the stored procedure script. As always be sure and back up everything before doing an upgrade and post in the forums if you run into any problems.