mojoPortal on Mono and a new release coming soon!

I am very close to making a new release, probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

I think this release we will include a set of files for mojoPortal 2.x on Mono. We will be retiring the old 1.x version, it will still be in svn, but we will move it from trunk to a separate branch and then we will move the 2.x version into trunk since we are finally back to one version for all platforms.

The first mojoPortal 2.x site running on a public server that I know of,, was setup and skinned by Anton Kytmanov. Thanks for letting me know Anton!

His configuration is:
1. Mono and xsp2 v1.2.4 from binary installation package that they provide on their site.
2. mojoPortal 2.x from SVN, compiled with MonoDevelop.
3. Database -- MySQL. Version 5.0
4. OS -- KUbuntu v7.04

I have also been running mojoPortal 2.x on my local OpenSuse machines for a while now. I'm not saying there are no bugs but its ready for more people to start experimenting with it and most things are working pretty well. WebParts is still not implemented in Mono so that will be left out of the Mono build.

Stay tuned, more info when I make the release.



re: mojoPortal on Mono and a new release coming soon!

Monday, June 11, 2007 1:57:28 AM


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