mojoPortal 2.2.1 bug fix release

In the 2.2 release I added handling to convert dates to the user's timezone. Unfortunately I introduced a bug. In the Forums the MostRecentPostDate is null when you create a new forum because there are no posts yet. I forgot to include handling for null dates in the Forum module when doing the conversion to the user's timezone so when creating new forums the page containing the forum would throw an exception. Since this pretty much made the forum unusable I considered it a significant bug worthy of an immediate fix.

I also fixed an issue when using mojoPortal with Active Directory. This fix required a new column LdapDomain added to the mp_Sites table so I've added an upgradefrom2-2to2-2-1.sql script for each of the data layers. If using MS SQL or PostgreSQL you'll also need to run the stored procedure script. As always be sure and back up everything before doing an upgrade and post in the forums if you run into any problems.


re: mojoPortal 2.2.1 bug fix release

Friday, January 19, 2007 2:38:33 PM


I am trying to run mojoportal on a new DiscountASP.NET account. I got it to work on my local machine with the remote database so I know the configuration I did there worked. I have tried to run it on the remote site and I get an error page telling me that it needs write access to the data folder. I checked with technical support and they say no permission conflicts occurred and that write permissions were enabled and should work fine. I also checked currentlog.config and saw that it shows some errors. From a previous entry in this forum this suggests that writing does in fact work... I think? Anyway I looked at the errors and it has something to do with: Sitesettings.GetSiteSettings returning with no data. I was hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction...?

I really like what I've seen and read so far, and look forward to getting a site up and running.

Thanks for any advice




re: mojoPortal 2.2.1 bug fix release

Friday, January 19, 2007 2:47:13 PM
Hi Rob,

The blog is not really the place to ask for help. I have forums for that, please post further inquiries there.
It is possible that the Data folder itself is writable but some of the needed child folders are not.

I added an additional check in this version to test also that the
folders are also writable

I did this specifically to avoid errors when this permission has not been propagated to child objects of the Data folder which has been a fairly common support issue in the past. I should probably add more to the text error to help hone in on the folders without correct permission.

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