Using Google Translate In Your mojoPortal Site

As of version, mojoPortal content management system now has integration for using Google Tranlsate in your site.

If you want to add the Google Tranlsate widget to just one or some pages, you can add it to the page like any other feature. Click "Edit This Page" to get to PageLayout.aspx which allows adding features to a page, Google Translate shows up in the available feature list so you can add it to a page.

However, if you would like to have Google Translate on all pages of your site you can add the control directly to the layout.master file of your skin.

<portal:GoogleTranslatePanel id="gt1" runat="server" CssClass="gtranslate" />

Note that the class gtranslate is arbitrary, you can use whatever class name you like and add css to your skin for styling or position the widget.

By default, the GoogleTranslatePanel control will not render on pages secured with SSL, however you can enable that if you wish by setting the property

AllowSecurePageTranslation to ture like this:

<portal:GoogleTranslatePanel id="gt1" runat="server" CssClass="gtranslate" AllowSecurePageTranslation="true" />

According to the Google Translate documentation, this will cause the content to be translated to be sent to the google servers over a secure SSL connection and the data will not be logged.

I recommend consider the security requirements of your content carefully before enabling Google Translate in your site. If you have pages protected by roles but not by SSL the content will be sent to google servers to do the translation, though again their documentation says the data is logged in a way that doe snot connect it to any specific user account.