Translating mojoPortal

The mojoPortal Language Support Repository on GitHub has all of the current language translations. Some are old, some are up-to-date.

App_GlobalResources contains resource files that populate the labels and buttons in mojoPortal. Copy the Resource.resx file and the ProfileResource.resx file to a different folder then rename them for the new language using one of the culture names from here.

So for example, to translate to French I would name the files and If I wanted to use the specific dialect of French spoken in Belgium and other culture aspects specific to Belgium I would name the files and

After the files are renamed, copy them back to the App_GlobalResources folder and edit them to translate the text to your own language. If you are a developer and you have Visual Studio, you can edit the files more easily, but these files can also be edited with a Text Editor.

Additionally, there are files in
that can be translated and named with a culture name prefix.

New translations and updates to existing translations are always welcome. If you would like to help with translation please contact us.

Update 2012-12-20 Some of our translators are working with this free desktop app to translate the .resx files.

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