The IBuySpy Skin

Well the site skinning is essentially complete. From the Admin page you can select from available skins. This is the IBuySpy skin. I plan to make some new skins soon but it tickles me that I was able to make all the changes I made without losing the original look. I really can't think of any limits on the design possibilities with the new skinning. The skmMenu fits right in nicely and has its own skinning that integrates easily. I also created a MetaContent control and setup the abilility to specify default meta content at the site level and over-ride it at the page level if desired. Now its easy to move the menu around and change it from horizontal to vertical within the skin template. I still need to implement the page hierarchy for sub menu items. I also got about 80% of the culture localization support completed. The goal is for no hard coded labels in the site. All labels get their content from a Culture.config file. I'm providing a CultureUSA.config file and hoping that as others convert to their own cultures they will contribute additional Culture.config files that I can provide with the downloads.