The good stuff is happening in the 2.1 branch of svn

Those of you playing with mojoPortal from the Subversion repository using TortoiseSVN, if you are using VS 2005 I recommend you get:

rather than /branches/2.0
2.0 was the intial build against the 2.0 .NET runtime but it did not use any of the new 2.0 features.

All the fun stuff is happening in the 2.1 branch.

So far I've

  • Converted from Paul Wilson's MasterPages to the new intrinsic ASP.NET MasterPages. This was very easy thanks to Paul's version being very similar to the shipping 2.0 version from MS
  • Came up with a way to store the file for the new Theme feature in ASP.NET in the site specific skin folder along with the other elements like layout.Master, style.css, and supporting images. This keeps everything together and keeps things private between sites when running multiple sites from one mojoPortal installation. Themes allow you to set all the visual properties for the built in server controls. Now its a tedious task of moving markup off the controls in the pages and modules into the file but it will be well worth it to gain complete control of control presentation from the skin. I predict more interesting looking skins after this!
  • Implemented a SiteMapProvider, mojoSiteMapProvider on top of the mojoPortal SiteSettings object. This is used to bind to the new Menu or TreeView controls and also the new SiteMapPath control which provides Breadcrumbs and will probably replace our current breadcrumbs control soon.
  • I setup the new Menu control and styled it in the fairly close to how the older skmMenu is styled in the current skins. I also moved the style for the blog calendar and events calendar into the file. I plan to make the menu have 3 options you can set in to enable either the new Menu, the new TreeView, or the skmMenu for the menu. I still need to style the treeview at least a little

I will be working on implementing the membship api and trying out conversion to WebParts in the near future after I get some more of the theme grunt work done.

Note: the 2.x branch of mojoportal is Windows only at this point, it will not run on mono until the mono 2.0 implementation catches up. It will probably be a while before this happens so mono users should stick with the 1.x branch aka trunk