SiteOffice UI work in svn

Just  a quick post that will only be of interest to those building and running mojoPortal from svn.

I've been working on the UI for the Site Office feature. I started on this feature almost a year ago and got side tracked but am picking up where I left off.

I had done a UI prototype before using jsObjects, but wasn't entirely satisfied with it. It would not work right if the doctype was xhtml.

I've now started reworking a protoype that uses dojo for the resizable panels and Rico for the accordian panels. So the result is kind of like outlook.

If you're working with the VS Solution from svn/trunk, after you update and rebuild, set these to true in either Web.config or user.config:

<add key="UseSiteMailFeature" value="true" />
<add key="UseOfficeFeature" value="true" />
<add key="UseExternalMailFeature" value="true" />

Now when you login you'll see the Site Office link in the top nav. Click that to see the new UI protoype. To see the old one using jsObjects change the url from Office.aspx to Default.aspx

Let me know what you think.


ps: Sorry this is not in the MonoDevelop Solution yet, once it solidifies a little more I will add it in there.