Significant Namespace changes in svn/branches/2.x

Heads up to those working from svn and those who have developed their own custom features.

I've done some major re-organization of namespaces that will require changes to custom modules/features you have developed (outside of mjoPortal svn) in order to keep in sync with the newest/next versions of mojoPortal

If you get branches/2.x and test your custom features you will find some things broken due to the namespace changes. The functionality has not been removed, just moved so if you have any trouble finding the new methods post in the forums and I will try to help.

Some of the changes include, moving SiteUtils out of mojoPortal.Business into mojoPortal.Web and moving some of its functionality into WebUtils in a new project mojoPortal.Web.Framework

The main goal of the changes was to remove the reference from mojoPortal.Business to System.Web and to organize things a little more. While namespace changes can be painful for those with custom features I think that these changes will be very beneficial in the long run and I will be happy to help anyone with the needed changes in their own libraries.

Because some of the business objects need some web specific extensions I created another class library project:
which provides things like caching support and other extensions that require a reference to System.Web
These are the things that previously were in mojoPortal.Business and needed the reference to System.Web

I also added a class library:
where I have moved functionality that s useful to any web application, this library has no reference to mojoPortal.Business

A few key changes:
SiteUtils.GetCurrentSiteSettings() is now CacheHelper.GetCurrentSiteSettings()
SiteUtils.GetCurrentPage() is now CacheHelper.GetCurrentPage()
SiteUser.IsInRoles(...) is now WebUser.IsInRoles(...)
SiteUser.IsInRole(...) is now WebUser.IsInRole(...)

After some more testing I will likely make a new release of mojoPortal to get these changes out before making any changes that require db schema changes

Any help from the community in testing branches/2.x before the release is greatly encouraged and appreciated.