Running on mono

This site is now running on Suse 9.2/apache/mono 1.1.4 Up until now it was running on a Windows server and my demo site at monoForge was my only public site actually running on mono. I'm very excited to finally have this server online. Hopefully the performance and availability will be solid enough. Time will tell.

I had to learn a lot of apache stuff so I could get multiple sites running under 1 ip address using Virtual Hosts. Like everything else, its easy when you know how and seems hard when you don't. So now I've changed the Works With Mono logo to the mono Powered logo!

I'm also learning how to use the awstats log analysis tool. It works pretty sweet on linux. Wonder if I can harvest all my old IIS logs and run a report against them on the linux machine so I don't lose any history going to the new server.