putting the mojo in the mojoPortal Blog module

Recently my personal blog which runs using mojoPortal was added to monologue. It wasn't working for a while becuase it didn't like the mojoPortal blog feed.  It was the datetime format that was throwing it off. Formatting the date time as GMT fixed the problem but then it wasn't sorting right because my system clock is on Central Time.  So I added a web.config setting for GreenwichMeantimeOffset and setup the feed to adjust the post time to match GMT before formatting it.

Once my feed was displaying on monologue I noticed that there are no handy comment links on monologue like when my posts are displayed in my own blog. I decided it would be easy to add that to the bottom of each post inside the feed since it is generated dynamically.  Seems like a no brainer but I don't see any other feeds with this feature.  I've added 2 module settings to make it configurable, "Add Comments Links To RSS", and "Add Signature To RSS". That way the user of the mojoPortal Blog can decide for himself whether to add a signature link to his site and/or a comments link inside the feed. These features are now available in the latest svn version.



re: putting the mojo in the mojoPortal Blog module

Sunday, February 27, 2005 2:23:50 AM
Well, I had the count of comments in the comments link in the feed, but I had to remove the count because whenever it would change it marked the post as unread in blog readers. Someone reported this so I tried it with SharpReader and found he was right. I would have thought they went by the published date but apparently they detect any change in the post and mark it unread if it has changed at all. Oh well, I still have the comments link.
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