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Page Manager Pro

Page Manager Pro for mojoPortal CMS

Page Manager Pro makes it easy to manage your site hierarchy. You can drag and drop pages to move them around in the site hierarchy or to change their sort position. The built in page manager in mojoPortal can become unwieldy when your site has hundreds or thousands of pages. Page Manager Pro is intended to solve this problem and make it easier to manage larger site hierarchies. You can also try it out yourself on our demo site  As with our other add-on products, you get free updates for a year after purchase!

Installation Instructions

After purchasing and downloading the product, extract the zip file. Copy the contents of the dotnet40/wwwroot folder into the root of your website.  Do not copy the wwwroot folder itself, copy all the contents and paste them into the root folder of your mojoPortal website and they should all land in the correct location.

Add this to your user.config file to make the Add/Edit Pages link in the Administration menu link to Page Manager Pro:

<add key="PageTreeRelativeUrl" value="/Admin/PageManager.aspx"/>

If you want a link to the mojoPortal built in PageTree.aspx to be shown then you can also add this to your user.config file:

<add key="PageManager:ShowAltPageManagerLink" value="true"/>

You can style it by copying and renaming the CSS file
Then add this in user.config and override the path to point to your custom file:
<add key="PageManager:TreeCss" value="~/Data/style/jqtree.css"/>

For example, depending on the colors of your design you may need to change the link color or the background color of selected items. You can add this in one of the css files of your skin if you don't want to modify the jqtree.css:

ul.jqtree-tree .jqtree-toggler,
ul.jqtree-tree .jqtree-toggler:hover ,
ul.jqtree-tree .jqtree-title {
    color: #FDE7AA!important;
ul.jqtree-tree li.jqtree-selected > .jqtree-element,
ul.jqtree-tree li.jqtree-selected > .jqtree-element:hover {
    background: #2D5E71!important;

use whatever color and background-color work well for your design.

System Requirements

Requires mojoPortal or higher hosted with ASP.NET 4.5 or higher.

Release History

  • Initial release 2014-03-31
  • released 2014-04-07 fixed bug where pages with & characters in the name were rendered incorrectly. Fixed bug where page edit and settings links could not be right clicked to open them in a new window. Fixed bug where pages marked as not included in the main menu were also filtered out of page tree.
  • released 2014-05-13 added link for page permissions and indicator whether a page is public or protected
  • `.0.0.3 released 2014-07-18 compatibility for mojoPortal and .NET 4.5
  • released 2015-01-08 compatibility for mojoPortal
  • released 2015-04-29 compatibility for mojoPortal