Next Release of mojoPortal WebStore Will Empower Musicians

Just a quick note to share some cool improvements I've been working on in the WebStore feature for the last couple of days. As a musician I've often thought I should make an mp3 store to make it easy for musicians to sell mp3 files on their own sites. For a while I figured I would implement this as a separate feature and possibly even make it a for sale add on feature so I could make a little money on it. But recently I thought why not just enhance the main web store to support this scenario since we already suport download products all that was really needed was the ability to have a teaser file and a media player to allow previewing a clip of an mp3 like in the iTunes store and other media stores. So I implemented the additional logic to have a teaser file and I also integrated the super simple Yahoo Media player. You can see it in action now on

screensot of mp3 store with play buttons

So now you will be able to upload teaser clips for mp3 products and automatically have play buttons for them. You can easily make the clips using the free mp3splt, thats how I made them for the demo.

The teaser file implementation may also be useful for other scenarios like selling PDF files, you could have a free chapter or fragment of the full content to help encourage purchase of the full file.

Look for this in the next release of mojoPortal.

Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.