New Multi Sites Feature landed in svn

I mentioned in this previous post that I'm working on a new variation of the Multi Sites hosting feature. This work is being sponsored as open source development by one of my customers. I'm not sure if I can mention who the customer is so for now I will leave them nameless.

For a long time it has been possible to host multiple sites using a single installation of mojoPortal with the secondary sites defined by different host names. The new feature provides an option to define the secondary sites by the first folder after the host name like http://somehostname/somefoldername.

The initial implementation of this has landed in svn/branches2.x for anyone interested in trying it out or providing testing. I'm sure there are still a few bugs here and there and am working to test all the features and fix any outstanding issues before making an official release.

I've also updated the documentation here:
and here:
with information about using this feature.


re: New Multi Sites Feature landed in svn

Monday, May 14, 2007 8:23:50 PM

Nice feature.  Cool.

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