New Image Gallery Landed in svn

Before I went on vacation I implemented a new image gallery based on this PhotoHandler project on Codeplex that was pointed out to me by Todd Lewis. We already had a photo gallery feature but its a fairly low frills thing, you have to upload images one at a time. My thinking has been that eventually I'll implement one that integrates with Flickr and some day I may yet do that.

The new one was pretty easy to intgrate into mojoPortal, it allows you to just point it at a folder containing images and it does the rest, creating thumbnails, web size images etc. So the idea with the new one is you organize the photos into folders on your local machine then upload the whole parent folder using an ftp client like FileZilla or whatever you use. The folder(s) need to be uploaded to Data/Sites/[SiteID]/foldergalleries folder, but from there you can nest them any way you want.

I did implement a feature for uploading files but the ftp approach is the sweet spot.

You can see my vacation photos using the new gallery here:

Notice how it makes a thumbnail for the sub folders by amalgamating the images contained in it into a thumbnail

So there are 3 top level folders, ChichenItza, resort, and skyline

Its available now in svn trunk for developers and will be in the next release which will probably be in the next few weeks.

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re: New Image Gallery Landed in svn

Thursday, February 21, 2008 8:42:48 PM

Joe, I hope you had a nice vacation. I have been to Mexico a few times (Cozumel, further south from where you were) and really enjoyed it. The pictures look wonderful! Nice gallery to present them in.

Was your vacation nice?  Would you go back?


re: New Image Gallery Landed in svn

Friday, February 22, 2008 6:38:28 AM

It was great! I would definitely go back but it would have been much more expensive if I didn't have a free place to stay with my Uncle.

I had never been there before and I must say the ocean there is just amazingly clean, beautiful, and teaming with life. I went snorkelling and I had never done that before so at first it was startling. I mean you no sooner plop off the boat into the water and you're literally surrounded by fish within inches of you. I mean they're not nibbling at you or anything but they are so close to you and not scared of you a bit. It was mostly schools of Grouper I think. If I had a net I could have caught lunch.



re: New Image Gallery Landed in svn

Sunday, April 13, 2008 12:55:58 PM

I just got release v2. but don't see the new image gallery stuff. I just did an export from svn, but need to now integrate whatever's new into my running/compiled site - how to do?



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