MySql Conference Talk with Joseph Hill and REMIX Silicon Valley

Had another great day in Silicon Valley today. I attended the REMIX event and actually got to meet and shake hands with Scott Guthrie, an icon and hero for most of us ASP.NET developers. I didn't get to go the MIX event in Las Vegas so the REMIX event was very exciting for me. I was lucky this was going on while I was in town for the MySql Conference. I had seen Scott Guthrie's Silverlight demos online before but seeing the live demos with Scott on stage was much more compelling. I'm completely jazzed about Silverlight now and can't wait for beta 2 of Silverlight 2 which should be out soon. I also really enjoyed the Open Source Panel discussion which featured Sam Ramji and Anand Iyer of Microsoft, Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror, Anil Dash of Six Apart, and Joseph Hill of Novell/Mono.

I had to skip part of the event because Joseph Hill and I gave our presentation at 2pm at the MySql conference, but we went back after that and caught the final panel session on the future of Social Networking and got to mingle in the closing happy hour event. I got to meet some really cool people like Dalton Caldwell, Founder and CEO of imeem, and Joseph Smarr, Chief Platform Architect at Plaxo, and quite a few other people doing very interesting things.

Our presentation at the MySql Conference went very well. I didn't see anyone video taping so unfortunately I don't think that session will be online but it was a lot of fun and was well received by the people who attended. During the MySql conference I was interviewed for a Podcast which will hopefully be up on the site sometime soon. I didn't know about that site before but I'm adding it to the roster of podcasts I listen to and looking forward to listening to previous episodes while I work. The site and podcasts are put on by Michael Kimsal. Though I met him in Silicon Valley, it turns out he lives in Raleigh North Carolina, which is not too far from Charlotte, where I live.

Its been a great week of meeting people, experiencing Silicon Valley and getting lots of ideas for mojoPortal. Tomorrow I fly home and return to my ordinary daily life of software development but with fresh excitement for what I'm doing and new ideas I can't wait to get started on. Its really been a successful trip and a great opportunity. Seeing the mojoPortal logo on the same signs with all the big names and getting to meet so many well known and successful people was heady stuff for a not very well known open source entrepreneur like myself.

Huge Thanks to MySql for inviting us out here and giving us this great opportunity!

Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.