New Project - HTML 5 Skins for mojoPortal - We Need Designers!

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I mentioned in our mojoPortal release annoucement that we would soon be announcing a new project to get more designers involved with mojoPortal. This project is now on Codeplex at We welcome any designers who would like to participate in this project to help showcase the design possibilities of mojoPortal CMS using HTML 5. You can read more about the goals and rationale for the project on the codeplex page, and contact me if you would like commit access to our Mercurial repository to add and evolve your own skins and designs. Or if you are not familiar or comfortable using Mercurial you can send the files to me and I will add them to the project. You can find participation guidelines here.

In mojoPortal CMS design is completely de-coupled from functionality so it can be styled in almost limitless ways by good designers. However, in spite of this, people often judge mojoPortal CMS by the included skins and since the few skins that we have been shipping with mojoPortal are created by developers who are not designers we believe that the included skins have not presented mojoPortal in its best light. Therefore we invite/beg real designers to get involved with this project to help produce some really nice looking modern HTML 5 skins for mojoPortal. We need your help!

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Gravatar Joe Audette is the founder of the mojoPortal project and was the primary developer until February 2017.